THALASSA, THALASSA: Thalassotherapy and Balneology
a strategic alliance for the health care and economical development

To identify the possible synergy between the two great therapeutic traditions, Thalassotherapy and Thermal Medicine. To propose a common and integrated scientific action plan, both economic and social, for the health care, the welfare and the development of the territories. To evaluate the new scenarios, increasingly real, also due to environmental climate changes related to HealtTourism. These are some of the main aims, themes and objectives that the 72nd Annual Congress of FEMTEC will address.

The challenge will be to reconcile the new global socio-economic-environmental realities with the unique specificity of the hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy tradition, defined by the therapeutic and environmental characteristics of the "genius loci", and by the concept of patient at the center of care and of "rediscovery of lost body". And how can we integrate the growing demand for health with infrastructures that enable sustainable development and tourism?

Thermal Medicine and Thalassotherapy will have to change skills and abilities: in 2020 problem-solving will remain the most sought-after soft skill, but critical thinking and creativity will also become important. The current challenges of modern and evolved society can be summarized not only in development, but also in environmental, human and personal sustainability.